My new blog

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This is my blog so far. I used the Blask theme because I thought it was simple and very easy to navigate. You are greeted with my contact page until I get enough work up. But the mean time this will do. I have attached all my other social websites to the contact page but I am still learning how to connect all of them to post automatically. At the moment my blog is limited by my skill and knowledge of coding but hopefully I will learn how to and make this even better. Im pretty happy with the outcome and Im looking forward into pushing Uncle Ruth into hopefully something bigger.

Branding/Logo Generating

For Uncle Ruth I wanted a symbol to represent him. My original ideas for his logo was using his name and creating my own typeface of his name.




I then refined the it to being uncle. And this was the outcome.



I then had the idea of using another type of symbol to represent Uncle. I used the Ringatū insignia to influence my logo.31336-pc

This was the religion my father was baptised into and is also the pro dominant religion in Omaio which is our home land. My idea was to take the hand from there turn it so the palm is showing.I wanted to take the hand and re invent it. I also had the idea of designing a severed hand in honour to one of my ancestors Apanui Ringamutu who was know for having his hand cut off.IMG_0284 IMG_0286 IMG_0302IMG_0298

Then I scanned it and opened it on photoshop.  I had a play around and came up with these various color schemes. Hand logo Zombiebg blueeee Hand logo Zombiebg VIMME Twitter Hand Hand logo Red bg HAnd logo

I then decided to add the uncle and the hand and put it together.

Hand logo Zombiebg 2bitch copy

Each hand has a different hand color because they will be the profile picture for my other social websites like Facebook,Instagram,Vimeo and Twitter.

This is still in progress but I am happy with the hand concept and  Im looking into pushing this idea foward.

The birth of Uncle.Ruth

Hand logo Zombiebg 2bitch copyUncle.Ruth is an alias of mine. He is an alter ego that I will use to show works of mine that I consider gloomy,dark,edgy. The origin of the name itself went through a long process.Only because I am a very decisive person and can never make my mind up. “Uncle” was my interpretation of a few uncles that I have. With all do respect to my uncles I wanted to create a shadowy seedy spiteful figure. I wanted to create an uncanny character that had a unique sense of humor. “Ruth” is my nans name, I wanted to use her name because it has personal meaning to me and I wasnt going to push something forward if I had no sentimental attachment to it.

Website ideas

These are some of the websites that I liked and wanted to base my website around. I really like these websites because other than the contents of the website they are very easy to navigate through with the main menu clearly visible and simple scroll down to the recent posts followed by the archive. They are also visually simple in layout and presentation. There is minimal words attached to the post which I like because I dont enjoy reading very long posts. Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.52.18 pm

You are greeted with a header image that can be navigated left and right. It automatically pans through for you if you do not hover the header.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.52.39 pm

The website has prioritised content effectively with the most recent posts being the first articles to be read.Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.41.49 pm


There is an infinitive scroll through the archive.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.49.41 pm

This is a similar website that share the same characteristics as the previous. Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.52.56 pmScreen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.54.18 pm




Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.53.46 pm


This guy uses his drawings as menu options,header images,links emblems. I will be using my own drawings as part of the website. I want to learn how to code and make my drawings function within the website but at the moment my skills limit me.

Local to Global Statement


My work takes a critical view on the social and cultural issues relating to factory farms and prisons. My work hopes to bring awareness to the cruelty that factory farmed pigs have to face and expose the dark realities of their lives imprisoned within their cages . Alongside this, I am also acknowledging the treatment of prisoners incarcerated within our prison system and the complex identities that they assume when treated badly. In this way I am exploring the connections between prisoner and animal, and metaphors that get used to describe humans kept behind bars. The work of Jono Rottman has been important for me in this respect.

When I’m creating my paintings I take a different approach to what I normally would. I stay away from the subtle and hidden and aim for bold and obvious readings. I want to incorporate the idea of dark comedy to portray the evil truth behind large corporations concealing what actually happens behind closed doors, both in pig farms and in human jails.

Using techniques and ideas influenced by Conor Harrington and Faith47, I incorporate their use of contemporary paint forms, like street graffiti abstractions with traditional painting styles such as figurative portraits. In my painting process I work to represent the pain and suffering of factory pigs  and by extension, human prisoners, with gestural movements and deconstructed forms.

My work will relate to some people but it may also be perceived to have taboo characteristics to others. My intention is to disturb the viewer or cause them to stop and observe my paintings closer.


61HUgTNC3vL._SL1500_IMG_0077P1020384   P1020385P1020388  P1020386


This is another painting I did for the brief Local to Global. This painting expresses the idea of animals (in this case factory farmed pigs) are treated like slaves. The idea that people farming, torturing, slaughtering animals only for the pleasure of “food.”  The reason I chose to use the gimp mask because pigs are very intelligent creatures and feel emotion and pain as much as people do, but they have no voice nor do they have freedom.


Printed on heavy duty paper with water color.


original photo

(no date) Available at: (Accessed: 22 June 2015)